Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Grammatical error!

Hrm. I revisted the blog today, and as I scanned the top I noticed a grammatical error! Gah!!!

I don't know how I missed it. Up at the top you could read:

Proudly Crushing Dissent of Liberals. Crushing dissent: its what we do.

Yes but, how did I miss that one? I suppose in the time since I've founded this blog I've become more and more grammar-conscious. Fixed.


Flyin' the Flag over at LGF

I visited Charles' site and noticed the gorgeous flag logo in the top left screen. Nice! Perhaps it doesn't fit strictly with the design, but, the flag, like jeans, can be worn with anything. He should probably keep it, but if he argues that it would best be preserved for specific times to increase it's effect, I'd let him drop it there.


It's been a while.

I haven't blogged here in ages. Still, Brian linked this site as a courtesy for the post I put up over at the Blue State Conservatives. I'd like the house to seem nice and tidy for any that come. Welcome!


Monday, January 10, 2005

I've moved!

Please visit me at my new home at Blue State Conservatives.

Sorry for keeping so quiet. See you there!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'm not dead yet!

... but I will be in a minute.

Seriously though, I must apologize for my absence.

I personally have been debating whether or not I should leave blogging or not. My interest has waned recently and the election has exhausted me.

I've decided against that: but Crushing Dissent as you know it will not be standing much longer. See, I'm tired of taking a whole blog on by myself, and I don't see that stopping. However, I figure that a group blog is a nice way to keep content flowing and alleviate the burden of posting.

Because of that, I've been talking a little with Brian about this, and we're going to be planning more later.

I will return, but probably not to this venue.

Stay tuned for details.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Top Ten Reasons why the US will kick ass in Fallujah

Top Ten Reasons why the US will kick ass in Fallujah:

10. Life started in the land between two rivers. It is going to end there, too.
9. There are good people to piss off, and bad people to piss off. The knitting club? Good. The marines? Bad.
8. Both the Marines and the Fallujah-ites have a common goal of martyrdom, which the Marines are more than happy to assist in.
7. Unbeknownst to CBS, ‘Survivor: Fallujah’ has started, with the critical districts of Jolan, Mabani and Askari. The conditions for victory are termed as complete and total death of all inhabitants. Multiple districts are expected to “win”.
6. Zarqawi has fallen on hard times recently, and now finances his limited operations by being al-Sadr’s bitch.
5. Earlier this year the US incarcerated interior decorator Martha Steward. Is nothing sacred? It is expected that the terrorists will be impressed and intimidated by our tough stance on white-collar crime.
4. Jihad can be roughly translated as "exerting utmost effort". A more accurate translation would be "struggle". It can be used in a sentence such as “Zarqawi undertook a great jihad today to prevent from soiling his pants.”
3. AP reporters attempted to interview an insurgent leader earlier in the day, but several of his bodily extremities were no longer available for questioning.
2. Feckless insurgents roamed the streets chanting Allahu Ackbar, which roughly translated means “I’ve had my ‘nads cut off with a butter knife.”

And finally, the top reason that the US will kick ass in Fallujah:
1. Several loads of fillet-o-fish sandwiches have been dispatched to the terrorist stronghold, where Oliver Willis is expected to viciously overcome the armed insurgents in order to devour his precious cargo.


Monday, November 01, 2004

Brian's new blog.

Election Hell, is what it is called. Make sure to check it out.

Since I'm feeling rather guilty for forgetting to put Brian on my blogroll in the first place, so up both they go.

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